Matt.E.Photography is a innovative candid wedding photography business run by Matt Fothergill and his endlessly patient partner Katie. He has been shooting weddings professionaly all over the United Kingdom since he stopped taking pictures of cats in 2010. With amazing attention to detail and a philosophy focused on total customer satisfaction he has been climbing the ranks as one of Scotlands most exciting wedding photographers.


[That's enough talking about myself in the 3rd person]




I'm originally from Aberdeenshire (but avoided picking up the accent)


I possess a ridiculous amount of random film knowledge


I love steak too much to become a vegetarian


I have a tremendous amount of cat photos on instagram


I can hear a sweetie wrapper crackle at 100 yards



GET IN TOUCH (Particularly if any of the following apply)


- you need a simple yet elegant wedding photography package.


- you want the wedding album that will become the envy of all your friends.


- you need a photographer who is 50% David Bailey and 50% James Bond





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